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These manuals are living documents that reflect the state-of-the-art QC testing procedures for real-time in-situ current observations.

As part of the U.S. IOOS Data Management and Communication (DMAC) core services, the U.S. IOOS Program Office has issued the QARTOD Manual for Real-Time Quality Control of Dissolved Nutrients Observations. This manual is a living document that reflects the state-of-the-art QC testing procedures for real-time dissolved nutrient observations. It is written for the experienced operator but also provides examples for those who are just entering the field.

Real-Time Quality Control Manuals


Other QARTOD Quality Control Manuals


Key Objectives of QARTOD

The key objective of QARTOD is to sustain a process for establishing QA/QC procedures that will:



Details about the six QARTOD meetings that were held betwen Dec, 2003 and Aug, 2012.


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QARTOD Project Plan

The Project Plan (pdf) describes how the project works, deliverables, the roles and the responsibilities of the participants, the structure of the QARTOD, and information about the key supporting organizations/roles.

The Manual for the Use of Real-Time Oceanographic Data Quality Control Flags (.pdf) provides information to operators of ocean observing systems about the purpose and protocols of marking or flagging data, so that subsequent use of the data can be properly controlled by both users and automated processes. It also provides an excellent reference for various schemes currently in use in the global ocean observing community.

QARTOD Core Variable/Sensor Matrix

QARTOD Core Variable/Sensor Matrix,
(.pdf) - Revised: October 2014

QARTOD Wiki and Code Repository

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QARTOD History

QARTOD is a continuing multi-agency effort that started in 2003.

QARTOD History Exit IOOS Website Icon - The history of this project, including links to all the reports from previous QARTOD meetings and workshops.




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QARTOD to OGC (related work)

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