Integrated Ocean Observing System

National Underwater Glider Network Map

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The National Underwater Glider Network Map is a collaborative effort and includes current and historical glider missions dating back to 2005 from Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing System (GCOOS), Southern California (SCCOOS), Northern Pacific (NANOOS), Central and Northern California (CeNCOOS) and Mid-Atlantic (MARACOOS).

The gliders displayed have been funded by U.S. IOOS, NOAA, ONR, NSF, EPA, various universities, state agencies and industries.

NOTE: Sometimes gliders temporarily appear to have traveled very far (red line across the map) or are operating over land.  This occurs when a glider occasionally reports an incorrect GPS fix of its position in the ocean.  It won't be there long.  The next time it reports in, the glider will correct its position and be back in the ocean.  Check back often.


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