About Data Management and Communication, DMAC

Central to the success of IOOS is the presence of a Data Management and Communication (DMAC) system capable of delivering real-time, delayed-mode, and historical data for in-situ and remotely-sensed physical, chemical and biological observations. Regional and Federal IOOS partners are working with the U.S. IOOS Program Office to develop this system, to make data and products discoverable and accessible, and to provide essential metadata regarding information sources, methods and quality.

The overall objectives are for IOOS partners to develop and maintain DMAC capabilities to:

Basic Components of Data Management and Communication, DMAC system

Screen shot of the basic components of Data Management and Communication, DMAC system

Presentation About Data Management and Communication (.ppt)

DMAC Implementation Plan

The latest version of the DMAC Plan (2011), describing DMAC requirements, architecture, planned implementation, etc can be found here: DMAC Plan 1.0 (.pdf)

Concept of Operations for the DMAC subsystem

The initial high-level concept of operations (ConOps) for the DMAC subsystem: IOOS DMAC Concept of Operation (.pdf)


The final DMAC question and answer document from July 2014 can be found here: IOOS DMAC FAQ (.pdf)


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Contact Us

For general inquiries about DMAC projects contact: data.ioos@noaa.gov

Technical forum

If you would like to participate in discussions related to data management of ocean observations sign up for the ioos_tech mailing list.

IOOS System Status

Notifications of changes to registered IOOS data access services, such as the NDBC and CO-OPS SOS servers, are sent to the
[ ioos.system.status@noaa.gov ] list.
If you would like to receive these notifications, please send a request to data.ioos@noaa.gov.