IOOS Biological Data Terminology


The IOOS Biological Data terminology is a list of data fields with names, descriptions, and format notes. It was based on ratified Darwin core, Dublin core and proposed IOOS vocabularies. XML guide was based on Darwin core XML guidance. CF Conventions had been applied to biological data definition at the field level. This is to assure that IOOS Biological Project will be compatible with other IOOS geophysical datasets. In order to “map” your database fields to the IOOS Biological Data terminology fields you will need to download the following files.

IOOS Biological Data Terminology

Version 1.0

Originally submitted by Philip Goldstein, USGS/OBIS-USA on 2012-06-08

Version 0.9

Originally submitted by Philip Goldstein, USGS/OBIS-USA on 2011-11-30






















Biological Observations Project

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The U.S. IOOS Biological Observations Project: Organizations and Partners Involved

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